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A fundamental aspect of Juan Pablo's life and work/photography is culture, as a universe that complements and contributes to his reality in Mexico, day by day.


Juan Pablo is one of those photographers who likes to spend free time with people in communities, meet new people and get involved with them, be part of them and learn from them, contribute something to them and thus be able to generate a bond of value that can later be captured in an image that can be read with these lines of love and understanding.

The culture in Mexico is vast and infinite, so it has been an inexhaustible source of creativity the simple fact of being able to portray what for him is a loop in the time of humanity, a photographic jewel that is documented to live in posterity and thus be documented for anthropological, social and documentation purposes that contribute to the rich Mexican culture.

It is important for Juan Pablo to understand where he comes from and where he is going, therefore it is fundamental to understand through the different cultural groups that cohabit in Mexico their worldview, ideology, traditions and other aspects that give him a broader perspective of his own culture and roots.

This aspect is vital and fundamental since it nurtures not only a personal aspect, a need that responds to certain anthropological questions, but also offers the possibility of feeding the source of creativity that lives in him and in this way he can experiment with movement, colors and various aspects that he faces every time he meets new groups, visits a new state and / or makes a new project. Challenges that day by day he is succeeding and that little by little give him the strength and confidence to go deeper and deeper into each story and form that accompanies it.

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