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Welcome to the photo gallery of one of the most complete and talented Mexican photographers nowadays.

His talent ranges from portrait photography, street photography, landscapes, events, social, beauty, magazines, to product and corporate sessions, without leaving aside nature, travel, etc.... Basically covers almost all areas in photography which makes this talented photographer a range of opportunities, which is why companies of all types, sector are so interested in working with him as he can solve almost any type of visual need through a creative and visual process quite simple and fast that facilitates in most cases the visual processes and needs of customers making this process a very valuable differentiated within the photographic market.

His experience in the photographic world ranges from simply enjoying photography during his travels and documenting them in his social networks, to teaching in some universities nationally and internationally as is the case of Italy where he has generated several photographic courses from basic to advanced level and has also had the opportunity to give several lectures to American schools to high school students who are interested in photography and regularly teach courses and workshops of various levels and techniques both in Oaxaca and Mexico City, being education a constant in his professional career.

Juan Pablo Barba is a highly skilled and passionate freelance Mexican photographer and avid traveler who has garnered acclaim for his work with prestigious publications such as National Geographic, Playboy, Maxim, and GQ, as well as Mexico Desconocido, among others.

We invite you to explore more of his incredible visual and creative universe by browsing this amazing website designed especially for you.


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