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Always interested in the humanities and society, Juan Pablo has developed a very personal taste for portraits and what they entail, taking them to a higher level. 

Human is a section dedicated to humanity, to all our race that day by day amazes with all that great variety characteristic of our species and for Juan Pablo it is very important to document the characteristics and details that come with visiting a country, region, town, new place with the intention of transmitting what each individual, human being, can offer, contribute to their collective/creative/visual imaginary.

Empathy is the main reason for this section according to Juan Pablo's words at the moment of creating this page/section, what would humans be without the empathy of being able to see ourselves, admire ourselves, respect ourselves, love ourselves as ourselves.

From this section a very interesting project is born, of which you will soon be part of, because thanks to this empathy a very important collaboration with National Geographic was achieved, where from the beginning the publication of a book with the theme of Magical Mexicans was proposed, showing and exhibiting to the world how great this country is through its people, through all those humans who do their best every day to build a new future.

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