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A space dedicated to photography, a space that Juan Pablo has started in mid-2018 in Oaxaca with a previous and previous name; Nahuel Estudio and that over time and with a change of venue has become what has become one of the most complete photographic studios in the state.

Jaguar is the mystical nahual that gives the name to this magical place and in one of its walls we can see that it is full of decorations alluding to the Jaguar and all its clients and friends have given him something corresponding to this sacred animal that in pre-Columbian cultures was of utmost importance.

Jaguar studio is equipped with everything necessary to carry out photo shoots for magazines, product shoots, family photo shoots, etc... Juan Pablo has developed a very strong instinct of social commitment so that is where he offers his workshops to young photographers to learn to develop their photographic skills so they can have a better chance in the market.

Located in a privileged and safe area in the north of Oaxaca, San Felipe del Agua, is one of the places where Juan Pablo can create and generate photographic magic through a studio that offers infinite possibilities for creators and photographers, whether beginners or experts.

Jaguar Studio

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